About Me

Hello!  I am Anne Webber, founder and director of Living on Purpose, and I have been helping people navigate change effectively to find new direction, meaning and purpose in their lives, for many years now.

Anne Webber I have an unusual background of skills and experience, which means that I bring a unique perspective to my change consultancy, coaching and supervision practice.

On the business side, I have over twenty-five years’ experience in management consultancy, including five with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), working with leaders from a wide range of backgrounds, helping each to find their own inner vision and purpose, by exploring the behavioural change required to succeed. I have a particular interest in transitions and how to build personal awareness and resilience.

On the personal development and spiritual side, I am an Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor.  This vocation informs my consultancy, coaching and supervision practice and guides me to work with heightened sensitivity and integrity, offering my clients the space to develop a truly authentic expression of who they are.

I have been through major life transitions myself.  I have changed my career several times, including starting my own business.  I have lost dear people very close to me, my parents and a sibling.  I have travelled the personal development and spiritual path for many years, culminating in a calling to deepen my spiritual life and become an interfaith minister.  As part of my personal development and growth, I have worked through issues such as identity, meaning and purpose.  Part of that journey has been to integrate the discoveries I made from undergoing ‘dark nights of the soul’ into my life, and to help others struggling with these experiences.

As I have walked this path, I have had the honour of working with clients from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.  I continue to make deep connections with people, working professionally, intuitively and respectfully, always sensitive to the emotional impact of change.

My brand of spirituality, if you can call it a ‘brand’, is very grounded and practical. I believe that there are many and diverse ways of living a spiritual life and honouring that part of yourself. I do not believe that ‘one size fits all’. Spiritual practices need to be particular and meaningful to each individual, taking into account learning styles, energetic and sensory presence, and personal beliefs. I respect everyone’s right to follow their own inner guidance and find a way that works for them. I will provide the spiritual mentorship.

This is what I believe

Deep personal change is tough. Moving through change and coming out the other side requires great courage and faith. It requires commitment and a holistic approach to being – mind, body and spirit. It is a process of self-discovery and exploration on which to build a platform and framework for coping and living with change as it happens. The road is easier with someone to guide you, someone who has been where you are and has travelled that path.

When I decided to leave corporate life after fifteen years and to start my own business, I thought it would be relatively easy.  After all, I had been through change before and, hey, I am an expert in this area and had taken many organisations through it in the past!  So … I made the assumption that it would be hard work but, with awareness of what lay ahead based on past experience and what I knew of myself, I would be able to cope with it!

Hey, the joke was on me!

What I had not realised was that making the transition from corporate life to running my own business required more than just a knowledge of processes, systems, taxation and legal requirements.  It required me to ‘rebrand’ myself, to look at who I was, my strengths, my beliefs and my sense of purpose.  Who was Anne Webber now she no longer worked for anyone else? What did I stand for now?  What were my values and what did I want to manifest in my new life?

At that time, there was, and still is, loads of great stuff out there – business support and advice – but … there was no toolkit for looking at identity and purpose, which could support the essential groundwork that needs to be done on a personal level during periods of life transitions.

This is what led me to create my coaching and training offerings.  In particular, I created the Thresholds Programme – a programme that I wish had been in place when I was looking for this kind of support and guidance. It is my greatest wish that through my services – coaching and supervision – I can support and guide you during your times of major life transitions.