Is This You?

How do you know if we would work well together?  How do I?  After many years of working with the most extraordinarily diverse group of people, I have a few ideas about this.  If the description below fits you, we are probably ideal travelling companions on your learning journey and, even if some of these do not resonate with you, have a think about them and feel free to contact me to discuss.

You are open to developing a spiritual life

A spiritual life – and the regular practices that support it – is the cornerstone of everything I do.  For me, it is also a very open concept.

You may belong to a particular faith, or none; you may have your own approach to God, Spirit, Universe, Source, Consciousness, or any other term that resonates with you.  You may have already embedded spiritual practices firmly in your life or they may still be sitting on your wish list.

Any of these are ideal starting points, as is a genuine desire to develop a connection beyond the everyday.

You are committed to self-development and learning

The key elements here are that you recognise that you’re a work in progress and that you’re curious about yourself.  You want to learn more about how you are with yourself and others in the world – for the greater good of both yourself and others.

You are willing to take personal responsibility

You acknowledge that you have a divine duty to take care of yourself at all times, but especially as you confront and integrate change in your life.  You understand that how much or how little value and potential you derive from our work together depends entirely on you.

You yearn to be a role model

You know, at a very deep level, that you want to be a leader, an example to others in all aspects of your life.  It is only by living a spiritual life – whatever that means for us – that we can achieve this degree of congruence: having integrated our values into our daily experience and committed ourselves to spiritual wholeness.  This is, of course, an aspiration in progress, given our fallible nature as human beings.

You want to continue to develop your self-awareness

Personal development has probably been a feature of your life for some time, whether through individual or group work.  You understand that you are on a journey of discovery and actively seek new insights into yourself and your behaviour.  This attitude can only deepen your experience of our work together.

You value support and guidance

You already know that feedback is nothing more than useful information from an external source.  You welcome the opportunity to hear and discuss fresh perspectives and ideas.  You regard this as an essential and valuable demonstration of support as you experience transition in your life.

You are willing to explore and experiment

You have the courage and determination to take a leap into the unknown, to find out what really works for you.  You approach new ideas, tools and frameworks with gusto, and are willing to engage with me as we tailor them to your individual needs.

If this is you …

… please carry on reading.  It is the best initial way to find out more about me, my approach, and what I offer.  Then, when you are ready, please get in touch (details here).

If this isn’t you….

… we may not be an ideal fit.  Get in touch with me anyway (details here).  I am more than happy to have an initial chat to discuss things further or even recommend a colleague who may be able to help you.