Life Transitions Coaching™

‘Realising Transformation’

The Life Transitions Coaching™ programme is targeted towards those clients who are changing life direction following a particular event or ‘wake-up call’ – redundancy, bereavement, diagnosis of and living with major illness, relationship changes, significant birthdays.  Alternatively, it may be that clients have a general feeling that life is no longer ‘working’ for them and they wish to shift their focus and perspective in order to make different life choices.

How we will work together

My coaching aims to bring out the best in people, so that they can be more of who they truly are and aligned to their values and goals. My approach creates an atmosphere conducive to the sharing of ideas, identifying future possibilities, mutual respect and unity of vision.

Working together, we will focus on, and respond to, your aspirations and dreams.  Emphasis is placed on breaking down any barriers to change, developing personal effectiveness and creating inner vision and purpose.

From your vision, we will create a strategy for moving forward in your life. As your coach, I will support and encourage you, but I will also challenge you and hold you to your commitments.  My main task in the relationship is to hold the vision as you begin to truly ‘live on purpose’.

What we will discover

Each coaching programme is defined and agreed with you and is adapted according to your needs and timescales.  A typical programme may include the following elements:

  • Uncovering personal vision, purpose, identity and values and linking these to life direction;
  • Developing strategies for ensuring a high level of personal self-care during the transitional period, such as spiritual practice, support systems, resilience and strengths;
  • Understanding and working with your own principles and beliefs;
  • Identifying patterns of behaviour and uncovering blind spots, which act as barriers to achieving desired outcomes;
  • Setting direction and creating a strategy for achieving your aspirations;
  • Continuous review of progress and development as a rolling plan for change;
  • Building on skills of self-reflection and continuous corrective action.

Where and when

Dependent upon requirements and preference, sessions can take place via Zoom or telephone, at a time when we can ensure that distractions are minimised and privacy is optimal.  I have availability throughout the week.

Process and Time

The duration and structure of the sessions in the programme are adapted to suit your needs.

The programme is at its most effective when it takes place over a 4-6 month period, but is dependent on the pace you wish to work at and the nature of the goals identified.  For example, clients often wish to have weekly sessions during the first month to get things moving, but then change to fortnightly as their commitments and tasks grow and there is more to do!  The pace is entirely up to you as client and very much dependent on the demands on your time.

What happens between sessions

There will be homework, as learning doesn’t stop outside our time together!  Outside our formal sessions, I encourage clients to call me if they get stuck, wish to ask a question or share a concern … and I am really pleased when you get in touch to share successes along the way!  As mentioned above, email support, as needed, is included.

If you would like to discuss the details further or ask me any questions, please give me a call on +44(0)7722 622769 or email me at .

I look forward to hearing from you.